Irish Independent - Lara Haddaoul

A series of billboards have popped up in the check-in area of Cork Airport due to the upgraded works set to be completed in the coming months.

Cork Airport has used some rebel humour to brighten up the area and a number of Cork slang and phrases feature on the boards.

The upcoming works are set to upgrade the infrastructure at the check-in desks, including the associated electrical and IT systems.

The upgrades to the check-in area also comes as Cork Airport received a €6m grant in 2023 for its security area, making the experience more efficient and easier for passengers.

Cork Airport also marked a huge milestone last year as it experienced its busiest year in its 62-year history.

In terms of international passengers, 2023 saw over 2.75 million people fly in and out of the Munster's most popular airport.

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