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The future of airport seating: Aeris launches at Passenger Terminal Expo

Wednesday 15th March, 2017

Grimshaw has designed an innovative airport seating system for Tecno, which will be launched at Passenger Terminal Expo, 14 – 16th March in Amsterdam. The Aeris seating system has gone through 12 months of rigorous design and prototyping with the final design to be showcased for the first time.

The modern airport has changed at an astonishing pace, with travellers now expecting the best in comfort, design, and technical connectivity.  These busy transit environments require seating systems that offer flexible configurations to accommodate various accessibility needs, and adaptability to suit a range of high-density traffic areas. The Aeris system delivers these requirements with an overall design that is durable, elegant, and most importantly, comfortable.

One of the key features of Aeris is the striking and unique leg design that wraps into a three-point star-shaped extruded beam. Up to five seats can be fixed to the beam with options to add cantilevered side tables. The seating system’s technical aesthetic celebrates its form with die-cast aluminum legs and a frame fabricated from aluminium castings which can be painted or polished.  All components appear to seamlessly merge into the beam conveying a strength and durability in both function and appearance.

The brief called for improved accessibility and ergonomics, allowing the design team to experiment with arm rest heights and varying finishes and thicknesses for the individual seats. The resulting armrests have two heights; one at a natural height, and the other at a lower height when adjacent to a table or sitting in an airport lounge. Individual seats allow a gentle leaning back and higher versions are available for accessibility requirements, to meet the criteria under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A range of seating configurations can accommodate spaces of varying sizes as well as higher density layouts where space planning is limited. With laptops and smartphones becoming ubiquitous items in airport lounges, there is power and USB connectivity incorporated seamlessly into the Aeris system.

Tecno and Grimshaw have a longstanding partnership spanning 25 years, having worked together on International Terminal Waterloo where Tecno delivered a selection of components and furniture.  The Italian company is known for its engineering expertise, technological innovation and craftsmanship, with over 60 years producing quality products and furniture.

Versatility is a key component of Tecno’s design ethos which is evident in every collaboration with Grimshaw.  The chief design collaborator from Tecno is a former aerospace engineer who worked primarily with Grimshaw’s industrial design team based in New York.

Grimshaw Deputy Chairman, Andrew Whalley said, “Industrial design is part of Grimshaw’s DNA, and we have long since enjoyed designing at macro to micro scales. Creating aspirational transit environments not only extends to the building itself but to the products people use. We are delighted to be launching the Aeris system with Tecno, and look forward to further collaboration.”

Giuliano Mosconi, Tecno chairman, states: “We have enjoyed working with Grimshaw designers to produce a sophisticated product embodying quality design, engineering and Italian craftsmanship. We are excited about the launch of Aeris and look forward to seeing the advanced seating system installed in a range of aviation environments.”



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