Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

The German government has declared its intentions of inviting skilled workers from Turkey to help out at the country's airports.

Europe's airports continue to feel the strain of staff shortages caused by the industry's desire to reduce cash drain while under the yoke of pandemic-related travel restrictions. As the continent's enthusiasm for travel has sprung back into full force, scenes of undulating queues lasting for hours have unfolded at airports including Amsterdam Schiphol, Stockholm Arlanda, and Frankfurt. In order to mitigate some of the issues at the country's airports, Germany says it is prepared to bring in skilled workers from abroad.

The workers would, for the most part, arrive from Turkey and could be deployed as early as July. This would be a boon to German carriers, who have canceled thousands of departures over the summer due to the staffing shortages at airports. Lufthansa has axed over 3,000 flights out of its hubs at Munich and Frankfurt, consisting primarily of intra-European flights where alternate modes of transport are available.

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