Simple Flying - Andrew Curran

An Arik Air Boeing is minus its flight management system after thieves broke into the plane while it was parked in Lagos and made off with the valuable piece of kit. The theft was followed by another security breach where customs officials allegedly threatened airport security officers with violence if they did not let them pass unhindered through a security gate.

According to Nigerian news outlets, the theft took place late last Wednesday evening or in the early hours of Thursday morning. The jet, a Boeing 737-700 (registration EI-ULN) leased from Enzis Airlines, had arrived into Murtala Muhammed International Airport from Harcourt late on Wednesday afternoon.

Airport insiders say the theft occurred between 23:00 on Wednesday, January 19, and 07:00 the next day. In addition to the flight management system, the thieves tampered with the pilot static cover and other sensitive parts of the aircraft.

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