Aviation Week - David Casey

23 April 2024 

Only 44% of airports in Europe have exceeded their 2019 passenger traffic levels despite the total volume across the region’s airport network recovering to 95% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

Speaking at Routes Europe 2024, Michael Stanton-Geddes—ACI Europe director of economics and competition—said the figure highlights the transformation seen in the airport industry over the past four years, with the rate of change especially acute for many smaller and regional airports, where capacity offered by both network carriers and LCCs has decreased.

According to ACI data, passenger traffic in Slovakia was down by 40% in February 2024, compared with February 2019. Likewise, Finland and Germany each experienced a 23% reduction. However, Portugal recorded a rise of 28%, Spain saw a hike of 18% and Greece had an increase of 17%.

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