The ADS Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS) is a simple access, cross sector programme led by industry through a partnership delivery model, facilitated by ADS.  Many of the elements (Competitiveness, ESG, Digital and Innovation) are accessible to all UK supply chain companies.


We believe that the ESG pillar will be of particular interest to the members of BAG and have included the details below, but you can find more information on the other aspects at About Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS) - SC21


The ESG pathway has been designed by ESG experts to facilitate the journey to a more sustainable future. 

The GHG reporting guidance is tailored to SMEs in the aerospace and defence sectors and includes a worked example to help translate the guidance into actionable steps. 

The ESG assessment tool assess the ESG maturity of an organisation. By answering a series of questions on environmental, social, and governance factors, a tailored report is generated to inform ESG strategy.


Access GHG Guidelines:

EOI link for BAG members: Enquiry Form - SC21


ESG tool instructions:

  1. Go to ESG Assessment Tool (
  2. Login or register
  3. Enter your Two-factor-authentication
  4. On the dashboard, select '+Add Assessment'
  5. Under 'Module Name', select 'ESG Initiator Bronze v1.1'
  6. Under 'Promo Code', enter 'SSWS24'
  7. Press 'save'. You will then be taken to the assessment.
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