Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade has published a five-point plan for establishing a free and fair digital trade landscape on 20 September 2021. You can find the full publication here:

Under the five-point plan, DIT will:

  1. Facilitate more open digital markets to ensure British consumers and businesses benefit from greater access to digital markets in other countries.
  2. Advocate free and trusted cross-border data flows that will make it simpler and cheaper for businesses who use data to trade internationally while maintaining the UK’s high standards for personal data protection.
  3. Champion consumer and business safeguards through enhanced consumer and intellectual property protections.
  4. Promote the development and adoption of innovative digital trading systems such as digital customs processes, e-contracting and paperless trading, which can cut red tape and make trade easier, cheaper, faster, and more secure.
  5. Establish global cooperation on digital trade via free trade agreements with international partners and using our G7 presidency and seat at the WTO to push for countries to become more open to digital trade.

The Secretary of State outlined the plan in a virtual keynote speech kicking off London Tech Week to an audience of industry leaders this morning – her first speech since being appointed last week.


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