Miami Today
Janetssy Lugo
18 June 2024

Conversations about bringing jet fuel and other alternative fuels to Miami International Airport (MIA) continue as part of a cargo master plan.

As Miami Today reported in March, Commissioner Raquel Regalado asked the county to study either bringing aircraft fuel to the airport by train or constructing fuel facilities at the airport that would be accessible by rail.

This direction stems from Ms. Regalado’s actions on the airport committee, where she has focused on infrastructure and cargo, she said.

“I brought an item – I want to say like two or three months ago – we’re redoing all the generators and all the electrical at the airport because we had a generator fail,” said Ms. Regalado.

“The generators are like 60 years old, and it’s really important on the cargo because we have refrigeration for the flowers and the vegetables. If we have an issue with the electricity, it really could do a lot of damage to the cargo.”

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