CAA International (CAAi) has been awarded a new 5-year contract by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Strategic Transport & Air-to-Air Refuelling Project Team (STAAR PT), to provide airworthiness regulatory oversight support of Airbus A330 Voyager aircraft on the UK Military Aircraft Register (MAR). 

CAAi will use CAA Airworthiness Regulators to ensure that the aircraft, when in military service, are maintained and operated safety, meeting the equivalent standards for civilian aircraft under UK CAP 562, Leaflet B40. CAAi’s regulatory support will also facilitate the aircraft transferring to and from the MAR and UK Civil Aviation Register (CAR).

Stephen Long, CAAi Manager International Operations said, “We have been working with the STAAR PT since 2011 and we are delighted to agree a new 5-year contract to continue this important work. The A330 Voyager aircraft is a vital air-to-air refuelling asset for the RAF. Our oversight support plays a key role in ensuring the aircraft are maintained safely and in accordance with international standards”.

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CAAi to Provide Airworthiness Oversight of A330 Voyager Aircraft

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