Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport* via Tequila Group first commissioned Ocean 3D to create one of their interactive 360° tours back in 2019 following our New Civil Engineer 'Future of Airports' win. Fast forward two years, no thanks to Covid, and it is now LIVE!

The interactive 360° tour was commissioned and designed to showcase BROs' Multi Million Dollar new terminal as well as helping to make the airport even more accessible and inclusive; especially fo passengers who may have hidden conditions, needs or disabilities where advance and detailed journey planning is a genuine need (and a requirement under The Equality Act 2010 as a reasonable adjustment)

*For those who don't know, BRO is probably best known for being the neighbouring airport to Elon Musks SpaceX at Boca Chica. Which, by the way, if you ever have the opportunity to visit; DO! It is amazing!


What is the closest airport to SpaceX Starbase? Brownsville South Padre Island International airport is!

Take a journey through the brand new Brownsville South Padre International Airport in Texas, USA - a hidden gem that shares a special connection with the visionary Elon Musk at the nearby SpaceX Boca Chica. Take a tour of the airport's extraordinary offerings, including an interactive 3D tour brought to life by UK-based Ocean 3D Ltd.

"Located in the southernmost part of Texas with quick access to the Gulf of Mexico & the US Interstate highway system, the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport serves as a strategic port of entry. 

Many of the local attractions are just a short drive from the airport. To mention a few:

Whether you're a space enthusiast or simply curious, this interactive experience promises a delightful adventure in the heart of Texas.

Ocean 3D were approached to create an interactive tour for the airport by the Tequila Group marketing in Texas shortly after winning New Civil Engineers Future of Airports Competition in 2019. BRO was nearing completion of their brand new $multi-million terminal and wanted to showcase it new facilities to the world, as well as make the airport as accessible and passenger friendly as possible.

Covid then hit and we had to secure special permission from the Whitehouse to fly out to Texas during lockdown which we did in early 2021. Unfortunately, part of the airport was slightly incomplete due to Covid restrictions, so we rescheduled a re-scan and return visit in 2023.

Ocean 3D are currently in talks with 3 more airports in the UK and Middle East with a view to creating further interactive accesibility friendly tours in the aviation sector. Ocean 3D are also members of The British Aviation Groups' inclusion and accessibility panel. 

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