BBC News
Andy Giddings
10 June 2024

The chief executive of Birmingham Airport has said he is "very disappointed" with changes to rules for liquids in carry-on baggage.

The airport had been allowing passengers to leave bottles of up to 100ml in hand luggage and not remove them for checking thanks to hi-tech scanners known as Next Generation Security Checkpoints (NGSC).

But on Friday, following a government announcement on liquids, passengers travelling from Birmingham now have to remove such items once more and also face an unspecified delay to plans there to raise limits to two litres.

Nick Barton said the situation passengers found themselves in was "not what we planned to give them".

The new scanning tech had meant that some UK airports with the provision had already increased to two litres the hand luggage limit on liquids including gels and aerosols.

But on Friday, the government announced a return to rules predating the tech.

It said the 100ml restriction was being reintroduced at the six regional sites that had relaxed the rule to "enable further improvements to be made to the new checkpoint systems" and was not in response to a specific threat.

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