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Air Canada has said that it doesn’t expect its operations or capacity at Toronto Pearson International Airport to be affected by repairs to one of its main runways. The works will see the temporary closure of Toronto Pearson’s 06L/24R runway, with repairs expected to conclude by late November. The disclosure was made during Air Canada’s Q1 2022 call and Q&A session.

The concrete sub-structure of runway 06L/24R’s needs to be fully repaired after being worn down by harsh weather conditions, usage, and age. The runway, which runs in an East to West direction, was first built in the 1960s. The project will extend the life of the runway by 30 years as well as enhance safety. 

From April to June, the West end of the runway will undergo a full depth replacement and lighting upgrade of its runway end and holding bay. From late June until mid-September, the same work will be carried out on the middle part of the runway, with lighting upgrades to adjacent taxiways. The final phase on the East end of the runway will occur from mid-September, wrapping up before the end of November.

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