World Economic Forum,

  • The World Economic Forum launches a new initiative with Airports Council International to overhaul global airports in pursuit of net-zero aviation
  • The initiative brings together 50+ executives from the aviation ecosystem to mobilize the billions of dollars needed to transform airports into clean energy hubs
  • The initiative will enable airports to harness the power of new technologies such as hydrogen and battery electric flight, sustainable aviation fuels, as well as the electrification of airport operations
  • For more information visit the Airports of Tomorrow Website

Tianjin, China 27 June 2023 – More than 50 CEOs have come together to join the World Economic Forum’s new Airports of Tomorrow initiative. From equipment manufacturers and fuel producers to engineering firms and airports, these firms represent leaders across the aviation ecosystem.

The initiative will focus on supporting airports to make the profound changes to their operations and infrastructure that will enable net-zero aviation. Participants will be working together to:

· Articulate the infrastructure requirements, through a series of blueprints, for airport ecosystems to transform their operations for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), electric and hydrogen-fuelled aircraft

· Produce a geographical distribution map of the 300 SAF plants that will be needed to stay on track to achieve net zero by 2030, broken down by region to maximize the sustainable feedstock potential in each part of the world

· Mobilize capital through innovative financing mechanisms; for example, through the co-design of a SAF fund and creative regulatory and policy instruments

· Deliver a sustainable finance toolkit to mobilize the billions of dollars of investment needed to transform airports into clean energy hubs

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