Mexico Airport participated in an inward mission during the week of 22 June.  An airport briefing and one to one meetings took place on Monday 22nd June in London with over 100 delegates from industry.  The Mexican delegation came from:

1 SCT Regulator
2 New Mexico City Airport Group
3 Aeromexico
UKTI Mexico 

Two delegates per company were are able to attend this event.  The presentations made at the briefing are available for download below.

 Aeromexico - Corneel Koster.pdf (1017 KB)

 BAG - Chris Chalk.pdf (3 MB)

 GACM Carlos Monroy.pdf (1 MB)

 GIA - Jorge Iturbe.pdf (522 KB)

 ICA Felipe Strassburger.pdf (4 MB)

 SCT - Jorge Romero.pdf (2 MB)

 UKEF - David Ludlow.pdf (572 KB)





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