The British Aviation Group recognises the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce and the need to ensure that we are representative of the communities in which we operate and do business. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to more holistic and grounded decision making, higher performance and efficiency, more innovation, greater employee engagement and enhanced market reputation. Furthermore, we consider that only by engaging the full diversity and capability of the communities in which we work will we grow the skills necessary for the continued success of our industry. BAG actively encourages diversity and inclusion within the sector in their widest sense and will engage with others in relevant initiatives that help promote this goal. [In this context, we support the Women in Aviation Charter as one step towards the development of a more diverse workforce in aviation]. A working group has recently been formed under the leadership of David Scotter, to establish how best BAG can contribute to the promotion of EDI across the industry, which will draw on experience and best practice from across the membership.

The British Aviation Group is committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation, which reflects the communities and society in which we serve. We will champion inclusion and embed best practice in all we do, sharing learning and knowledge with our members. We will demonstrate inclusive leadership and work with our members to promote exemplary levels of diversity and inclusion, safeguarding BAG and the aviation industry into the future. This supports BAG’s overall Purpose and Vision of Member Success – To increase aviation market share and reputation of BAG members across the UK and overseas as part of an inclusive and sustainable UK aviation sector.


BAG has celebrated D&I with a series of VLOG’s hosted by members of the BAG Board. You can view these VLOG’s using the links below or alternatively you can take a look at the BAG Annual Review 2022 which highlights all of BAG’s activities:


Meet the BAG D&I Advisory Group!