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The global upheaval of the last few months has given rise to pressing opportunities to re-think how we live, how we consume, how we work, how we travel and how we communicate. There is no doubt we are coming out of this crisis with a sense of renewed priorities.


The impact of Covid-19 means we need - and indeed have a responsibility - to re-design our cities and our public spaces to be safe, fit for purpose and to create a tomorrow that enables improved individual and common experiences, and is better for the planet.


Introduced by Kirsty Dias, Managing Director of PriestmanGoode, the webinar presenter, Jo Rowan, Associate Director of Strategy, will share insights and ideas to provoke debate and inspire, exploring what daily life will look like in 10 years time across five key areas: Health and Wellbeing, Home and Communities, Work and Communication, Moving and Travel, Planet and Sustainability.


Jo will be joined in the Q&A by Chris Parker, Director, Anthony Morgan, Head of Brand, and Anna Meyer, Communications Lead giving you access to a panel of experts to answer your questions on where we go from here.




To accommodate time zones globally, we are running two sessions.  To sign up please click on either button below and you will be sent joining instructions. The timings are UK time (GMT +1).


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