The British Aviation Group fully supports and understands the need to control the spread of the coronavirus. However, the introduction of a blanket 14-day quarantine period will have severe impacts for UK exports, and for the recovery of the wider aviation sector and industries that rely on it.

For example, under the new quarantine rules, a British team installing a UK made product overseas will have to isolate every time they return home. For a large installation – with a team making multiple trips over several months – this will add weeks to the project, adding cost and potentially incurring heavy penalties for late completion. A similar installation in the UK would have no such restriction. 

Likewise, UK firms bidding for overseas contracts will have to isolate their bid teams after every customer visit – disrupting the sales process and putting UK firms at a disadvantage to other international business in securing future jobs.

It is important for industry to have quarantine-free travel to lower risk markets which can facilitate a safe return to business, providing a boost for the economy and protecting jobs.                                                           

Therefore, we ask the Government to move urgently towards the adoption of a targeted, risk-based approach to air travel – for example with the introduction of travel corridors, or air-bridges. Ideally the adoption of these travel corridors would reflect a balanced approach to the potential economic advantages as well as the health risks. This would allow travel based on a common set of processes and risk-levels designed to minimise the risk of spread of COVID-19 – and is consistent with the work by ICAO and others on Public Health Corridors.


View statement here:  British Aviation Group Quarantine Statement.pdf (128 KB)


Notes to editors:

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