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Today's BAG Update features:

  • BAG Sustainability Brochure, “Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise”
  • BAG Members’ Survey – COVID-19 and Brexit Impact 2021
  • BAG and International Women’s Day!
  • BAG Annual Review 2020 Launch... In case you missed it!
  • BAG Business Intelligence Document- *Updated Version available*
  • Welcome to our new Members!
  • BAG Conditions for Flight Member Workshop 1: Economics; Social License; Environment- *RecordingAvailable*



Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise

BAG has launched its new Sustainability Brochure, “Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise”. This essential promotional document which highlights Our Vision - Drivers of change in the aviation industry can be downloaded here.  BAG member companies have an impressive track record in reducing environmental and social impact of aviation – including reduction of CO2; management of noise and air quality, biodiversity, and surface ground water pollution; and the efficient management of resources such as energy, waste and water. By providing innovative solutions for the challenges of today, through the products and services they provide, BAG members are at the forefront of sustainability practice.  As such the brochure also includes information on what the members can offer and features two short case studies.



BAG Members’ Survey – COVID-19 and Brexit Impact 2021
The BAG Board is keen to ensure that our agenda responds to the needs of the membership – both in our own activities and in our industry positioning. Following on from the “Annual Survey” in October 2020, we are looking to get an updated view on wider challenges facing the industry and priorities to support recovery. This will help inform the agenda and evidence base for engagement with government and other strategic partners, as well as refining our own continued plans for 2021. Key findings from the survey will be shared with government both directly through DIT and DfT, and in our engagement with the Future of Aviation Group / All Party Parliamentary Group on Future of Aviation. Conclusions will also be shared with the membership.
The structure of the survey falls into two short sections:

  • .          COVID-19 Impact
    Following up on our previous surveys over 2020, to understand overall impact of the pandemic across the aviation supply chain – using a consistent set of questions to help identify trends. This provides an evidence base that is shared with government (DIT & DfT) to help inform policy; and is used by us in shaping our own agenda
  • .          Brexit Impact
    Allowing us to respond to DIT on industry readiness and concerns in respect of BREXIT, and highlighting areas where BAG could do more in sharing information or industry positioning

To take part in the BAG Covid-19 and Brexit Survey 2021, please click here.



BAG and International Women’s Day!

Last week, BAG was proud to celebrate International Women’s Day, an important day globally which marks a call to action to accelerate gender parity and celebrate women’s history and achievements. Women are underrepresented in aviation, including within our own organisation, and we are working hard ourselves and with others to make the changes needed. As such, we are delighted to support the Women in Aviation & Aerospace charter, which we believe to be an important step towards achieving a more diverse workforce in aviation.
We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce in the broadest sense leads to more holistic decision making, increased innovation, higher performance, and importantly greater employee engagement. I and the BAG Board are committed to working in partnership with our members and our wider supply chain to raise standards and achieve common goals across the industry.
We recognise as a group that we ourselves are on a journey, and I want to take the opportunity to update you on some changes we are making to accelerate our efforts to become a more inclusive organisation. We have established a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group to guide and challenge us on our journey.

View the full article here.



BAG Annual Review 2020 Launch.... In case you missed it!
BAG is delighted to launch their first online digital BAG Annual Review! Traditionally, BAG has produced a document showcasing activities over the course of the previous year which has been circulated at events and exhibitions. This year, we wanted to showcase BAG’s activities in a virtual and interactive way to highlight month by month what BAG has achieved, including key activities, webinars, Special Interest Groups and Regions, and how BAG has successfully engaged with its members throughout a challenging year. To view the 2020 BAG Annual Review please click here. Please tell us what you think and give us some feedback by contacting Hannah Sallabanks.



BAG Business Intelligence Document * Updated Version available*
BAG’s Business Intelligence and Strategic Relationship Working Groups have been producing regular Business Intelligence Updates over the past year to try and collect as much intelligence as they can to gather on what is happening in the market, both now and how things change throughout the pandemic. The Board agreed to focus these discussions onto four topics:

  • What’s happening with the Airlines, how are they responding to their very significant challenges
  • What’s happening at UK airports. We are hearing of capital plans being put back. When might some of those come back, in what form etc.
  • What’s happening in the International markets, particularly in the priority markets we set for this year in discussion with DIT. Based on what we learn should we be resetting those priorities or focusing on other opportunities
  • Are there any potential changes to passenger or airport processes

To address the first three topics over the course of the last year we are publishing quarterly Business Intelligence Updates which are released via the BAG website and shared with our membership. The latest March 2021 UK market update can now be found on the BAG website together with all past editions. You can find the documents here.



Welcome to our new Members!
BAG are delighted to welcome Jetting Systems Ltd and Populous to our membership!
We look forward to collaborating with you!



BAG Conditions for Flight Member Workshop 1: Economics; Social License; Environment- *Recording Available*

Last year we created a document which described BAG’s view on the state of the aviation sector in the UK.  Called Conditions for Flight, it provided a voice for BAG in the discussions between the UK government and the aviation industry on how to resume operations following the Covid-19 pandemic. The document was widely shared with a range of various Government departments and well received. 
We are planning to issue a new version of this document for 2021 and invite Members to make positive contributions around the themes of Economics, Social License, Environment, Experience and Operation.  We welcome and encourage you and your colleagues from your organisation to participate and engage in those dedicated workshops.
On the 11 March, we hosted  Workshop 1: Economics; Social License; Environment. Please find the recording of the workshop 
here. Please note this is for BAG Members only.

These workshops are an excellent opportunity for BAG to communicate directly with Government and play a role in the revival of the aviation industry. This will provide an opportunity for further involvement by BAG in these discussions with consequential benefits for BAG members and the UK aviation supply chain.

Part 2 of the Conditions for Flight will take place on the 25 March 2021. To register for the 2nd session please click here.


 Looking Ahead



BAG Webinars
BAG are offering all members the chance for regular Virtual Get Togethers to have the chance for some regular interaction between members as well as information share. Please see below the upcoming schedule:

·         BAG Conditions for Flight Member Workshop 2: Experience; Operation- 25 March 2021


Future Events:
·         Webinar Invitation: Decarbonisation and the Role of Technology webinar series | March 2021


 Past Events & Webinars
Please find all our past events and webinars with presentations and recordings on the BAG website!

  Sales Leads & Tenders and BAG News



BAG Sales leads & Tenders

Airside and Landside Civil Works Framework

Dublin Airport (DAP) Works Framework

Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Aviation Fuel Testing Services

Electrical Cabling

3D Digital Model - Changi East

Electrical Substation - Improvement Works

Construction Management

Soil Investigation Services

Construction - Runway Works

Electroacoustic Systems

Telecommunications Cabling Installation Works

Site Services

Fire Fighting Appliances

Technical Support Services

Aeronautical Area - Engineering Services

Technical Block Equipment

Air Quality Measuring Stations - Operation

Security Services

Planning Services

Energy SCADA - Maintenance Service

To view our Sales Leads & Tender and access WikiBAG, please click here!

BAG News

Stay updated on the latest Government's Coronavirus Business Support page

ADS - BREXIT Bulletin - 15 March 2021

Jet Zero launches £15 million competition to reduce aviation emissions

Board of Trade report: global Britain, local jobs

IATA: Travelers Gaining Confidence - results from latest poll of recent travellers

European Parliament Study: Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID-19

Union connectivity review: interim report

Office for National Statistics: Coronavirus and the impact on output in the UK economy: January 2021

CAA - 13 Schemes of Charges published

Climate change: Jet fuel from waste 'dramatically lowers' emissions

Read more news here




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