Brexit Bulletin - 1 March 2021



ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt gave evidence to the BEIS House of Commons Select Committee on the impact of Brexit on aerospace. He was able to inform the committee of issues the sector has been facing since the end of the transition period and what more still needs to be done. You can read more about his appearance here.


Our next instalment of the Managing Brexit webinar series is about import VAT and customs in Northern Ireland. Speakers will provide an overview of the new trading arrangement for companies operating in or trading with Northern Ireland as well as some guidance on Import VAT and pitfalls to avoid when complying with new customs requirements. The webinar is set to take place on 25 March 14:00-15:00. You can see the draft agenda and sign up here.


Last month David Frost was appointed as the Government’s representative on the UK-EU Partnership Council and a Minister of State in the Cabinet Office. In his new role he will also co-chair the Northern Ireland Protocol Joint Committee. We will continue to inform members on any developments in these areas and will be reaching out to Mr Frost in his new role.







Last week we held a webinar to inform members on maintaining trade in goods under the UK-EU TCAs. Joined by three government departments, the session provided a high-level update of the current state of play at the UK border with a review of the last few weeks as well as a reminder of the new customs processes and Rules of Origin Requirements.


The Border Protocol and Delivery Group, which sits within the Cabinet Office, provided members with some helpful insights on issues currently being reported and  challenges hauliers were facing that have been causing delays. For example, issues on transit documentation and securing a negative COVID test before heading to port of departure.


HMRC reminded attendees of the phased implementation of new customs requirements on imports coming from the EU to GB, with July being the time frame for most businesses and goods being subject to full import declarations.


Lastly, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy gave a presentation on Rules of Origin, including examples and how they may be used in order to access preferential tariffs in the TCA. The BEIS team have made the slide deck available, which goes through the required steps to comply with Rules of Origin:

  1. Classify your good
  2. Understand whether your good meets the applicable rule of origin
  3. Understand how to demonstrate origin to the customs authorities


Alternatively, businesses may choose to use a customs agent to help with Rules of Origin, and it is always sensible to seek advice from customs agents or qualified personnel on the best routes for your business to take.


The Q&A from this session will be made available on the ADS members area once we have followed up with relevant government departments to the questions.






As businesses navigate the new relationship between the UK and EU, there may be issues and new experiences facing members, ADS are keen to hear from members via the dedicated  email address on all your experiences including on:

  • Ease or challenges related to moving goods from GB to EU from 1st January 2021
  • Experiences with Customs Agents
  • Experiences with new customs systems
  • Ease or challenges related to moving goods in and out of NI from 1st January 2021 
  • Concerns with regards to regulation or certification of your goods and products





Northern Ireland - Goods at Risk


The supplementary declarations element of the Trader Support Service (TSS) is now operational and therefore companies are starting to accrue duty on goods defined as ‘at risk’ of moving into the EU. 


ADS is aware that this is a major problem for members importing materials into Northern Ireland for processing, and then moving back to Great Britain or non-EU countries. HMRC has previously confirmed it is working on a reimbursement mechanism that companies will be able to use where they can demonstrate the good never entered the EU. 


ADS continues to work with Government on finding a more satisfactory solution to these issues.





Aviation Safety - Update on TIP


The UK CAA continues to work with EASA to finalise the Technical Implementing Procedures (TIP) to support the airworthiness annex. 


A draft has been shared and changes are being made. While we have no firm timeline around the process, this is a top priority for ADS and we will keep you updated on progress and developments.





The UK Border so far


Trends continue to move in the right direction at the UK with the volume of traffic flow steadily increasingly. The number of Kent access permits being issued remains above the level of trucks seen, as hauliers continue to prepare for entry into Kent. The percentage of turnbacks seen remains low and stable at around 2%. Similarly, the number of hauliers securing their negative COVID tests before arriving at pre-departure points is helping to ease congestion for tests in Kent.





Data Adequacy


The EU Commission has published its draft decisions on its data adequacy assessment for the UK. Once these decisions have been formally adopted, they will be valid for a first period of four years and personal data can continue to flow freely between the UK and EU.


For more information, check out our blog.







HMRC are providing a range of support to customs and international trade customers.


The Field Force

The Cabinet Office offers tailored support through its Field Force Support Programme. Businesses that trade over £250,000 of goods with the EU each year are eligible for a range of support. More details will be available in due course, but provisional information can be found on


View webinars and videos for organisations that trade with the EU.


Customs & International Trade Helpline – 0300 322 9434

The helpline is the main route in for customers with general customs queries.

Capacity has been scaled-up following the end of the transition period.


Technical support

For support with specific systems there are specific email addresses which are monitored Monday- Friday 9am-5pm.






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