The safety of the flying public is paramount at airports, but who makes sure that their best interests are met? What are the FAA’s requirements for Part 139 airports to implement a Safety Management System (SMS) to identify and correct deficiencies in operations that directly impact safety issues. And more importantly;

Are We Giving Our Maintenance Operatives Enough Tools, Time & Training To Conduct Maintenance?

Our expert panelists will be on hand to answer all of your questions on this topic.

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Whether you are a Designer, Supplier, Installer, Safety Manager, Airfield Electrician/Engineer, Operations or Regulator we hope you will find this webinar relevant and interesting.

When is it?

Tuesday 28th November, 2023 at 2:00pm London time.

This live webinar will last one hour including Q&A’s with our expert panelists, and registration is free here:

We look forward to your participation and all of your questions surrounding this topic.