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Dear Industry Colleague,  

COVID-19 has disrupted the air industry and challenged the status quo throughout the entire passenger journey. As the situation develops dynamically, the industry is adapting quickly and facilitating a reshaped passenger experience.

This two-part Reshaping Passenger Experience Webinar Series will focus on: Series 1 on what can be readily developed and deployed today in order to allow passengers to travel safely and Series 2 explores what comes next. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available; for more information please contact us.  

SERIES #1 - Where are we today?



Thursday, 18 June 2020, 15:00 CET / 09:00 EST

In air travel, special focus is always given to the customer's voice; this is particularly true today. Analyzing changing behaviors and identifying air travelers’ perceptions are key in shaping proper measures for the industry restart. Passenger insights gathered throughout this critical period will help guide us into a better future. Today, more than ever, passenger needs and perceptions are at the core of what we do.  

Kicking off the Reshaping the Passenger Experience Series, this webinar will provide insights into what the customer’s voice is and facilitate an exchange on the role of passenger analytics in today's world.  

Panelists will examine: 

·         the passenger landscape leading into the crisis;  

·         the business confidence in the industry outlook and forecast ahead;  

·         an analysis of passenger perceptions and concern;  

·         passenger expectations leading to a restored trust in the air travel.




Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 14:00 CET / 08:00 EST

Today's global challenges are unlike anything that we have faced before. Our responses must be effective, proportionate and fast. There is confusion about what to do in the airport environment, which reduces our effectiveness.

Join this IATA webinar to learn what you need to do from hygiene kits to autonomous sanitization, from curbside to seat, and from online boarding pass to baggage tag.

Join us in helping everyone get ready to fly.



SERIES #2 - The new normal

Tuesday, 30 June 2020, 14:00 CET / 08:00 EST

In light of the recently published ICAO CART recommendations to promote a safe, secure and seamless passenger process while mitigating the risk of COVID-19 spread, IATA is fast-tracking the development of industry standards including contactless solutions such as OneID. This webinar will outline the benefits of contactless solutions by transforming today’s industry challenges to restart into opportunities. 
The webinar will present a contactless passenger journey up to the gate for both passenger and baggage solutions including:

·         Passenger biometric solutions 

·         Home printed baggage solutions 

·         How IATA expects the travel experience to evolve


Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 14:00 CET / 08:00 EST

We are now ready to fly and, as the ground staff leave the aircraft, let's examine what has been done and why. Now that safety extends to biosafety, how might this impact the passenger experience onboard?

Join this webinar with cabin operations and ground handling experts as they take you through:  

·         Aircraft cleaning and disinfection

·         Onboard precautions and protection

·         Challenges and adaptations to inflight services



DISRUPTION MANAGEMENT: Service Excellence or Firefighting?
Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 14:00 CET / 08:00 EST

Join this panel of industry experts as they examine disruption management in the times of a pandemic, share their learnings and explore opportunities in the COVID-19 aftermath.

Disruption reality check: Are the disruptions that occurred during the pandemic crisis similar in nature to what we've seen before – or did something change?    
Lessons learned: How did we manage the disruption; what went well and what did not?
Moving forward: How do we transform the customer experience from firefighting to customer excellence?
Key message: What is required by the industry and IATA going forward?



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