Hydrogen Capability Network - latest update

The Hydrogen Capability Network (HCN) is sharing five initial proposed interventions as the 12-month programme passes the half-way point of Phase 0. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with the HCN for your support in providing insights which have helped to shape these initial interventions.


You can find a brief overview of the interventions below and discover more about them by joining a webinar on Tuesday 12th December.

Hydrogen Capability Network Webinar

Tuesday 12th December 2023, 14:00 - 15:30


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Proposed interventions

The aerospace sector’s shift to hydrogen at the scale required to decarbonise will be dependent on the ability to produce, handle and store liquid hydrogen. As the sector most likely to lead the use of liquid hydrogen, it is driving not only demand for the fuel, but also the need for cryogenic research, skills and infrastructure to develop and test the required technology.


The HCN team have been gathering requirements from across the sector and shaping proposed interventions to provide solutions to these areas, taking a phased approach to meet the needs over time.


The HCN recommends five key interventions for Phase 1:

  1. Priority research coordination & delivery

  2. Materials methods, standards & testing*

  3. Test & demonstration – R&T test hubs

  4. Liquid hydrogen supply

  5. Skills & training


*Help shape intervention two

You are invited to feedback on the proposed materials methods, standards & testing intervention. To view our blog post and video before submitting feedback via a short survey, visit the news section on the Hydrogen Capability Network webpage.


Next steps


Over the coming months, the HCN team will consolidate its findings and present a business case to government which includes the interventions above. This will also present a proposed operating model for the HCN including how it will work with the sector.


We are also focusing on the vision and requirements for Phase 2 and beyond. This includes UK requirements for integrated test and demonstration and certification testing which will also consider the aviation interface - refuelling, defueling and handling of liquid hydrogen around the aircraft.

Find out more about our ambitions for future phases at our webinar. Register by clicking the button below.

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