Please see attached details of the  DIT Airports and Aviation Security trade mission to Mexico from 29-31 January 2018 that BAG worked on with DIT. The programme focused on airport opportunities in Mexico and specifically the New Mexico City International Airport.

The programme included meetings with GACM (Mexico City Airport Group), CTVM (Terminal Building Consortia), ASA (Airport Operator of 18 airports), Aeromexico (largest Mexican airline), ASUR (Operator of nine airports including Cancun) and OECD (Transparency Advisers to the New Mexico City International Airport).

The mission was of most interest to companies that have experience in the following areas:

        Project and cost management consultancy services

        Detailed design (interior design and retail development)

        Financing schemes and operations (PPP)

        Supply chain for terminal building, runways, and hangars

        Airside operations and navigations systems

        Specialised consulting for security planning

        Security systems (BHS, scanners, cameras)

Please find below the notes and documents of this mission:

.       1.       GACM meeting – We heard that GACM are arranging for an Independent Systems Consolidator (ISC) to pull together the perceived 58 systems that have been identified. This will then be followed by the appointment of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI). GACM (and other meetings) laboured the point that the same company or consortium cannot do both activities under Mexican law. Companies will need to choose which contract they want to go for.

      2.       It was noted that the ISC role was under Parsons PM contract, however this has now been removed.

      3.       CTVM meeting – This is the consortium tasked with building the terminal building. They also discussed the MSI and used Thales in the same sentence.

      4.       Dates – The ISC contract is urgent and expected to be awarded imminently, the MSI contact is expected to be 9 months away, possibly Q1/19. GACM and CTVM are rushing to award contracts before the elections in June, however the MSI contract will be delayed by the elections.

     5.       Thales meeting – We heard from Thales that they consider themselves to be at the forefront of the tendering process for the MSI – They have formed a tier 1 consortium, but weren’t forthcoming with the other members, we did ask. They are keen to hear from tier 2 and 3 companies who would like to engage with them now and assist with their plans for the airport systems:

a.       Contacts – Jesus Munoz, Director of Sistemas de Transporte Terrestre, Thales Mexico,, mobile: +(52) 1 (55) 4343 7707

David Bettini, Thales Commercial Team in Italy,, phone: +39 335 7273276 (details compliments of Jim Houghton of Ultra)

b.      Thales noted that their suppliers will be pushed on their Service Level Agreements (SLA), they are looking for partners not suppliers.

c.       Thales mentioned that they will push for the ISC and MSI to be the same company. We had a mutual conversation agreeing that it did not make sense for these to be different companies. Two companies will result in conflict and misunderstanding – watch this space.

     6.       Attachments:

a.       CTVM had wall prints regarding the MSI systems being covered – photos attached.

b.      Parsons presentation included PM status and tendering schedules for the next 3 years – photos attached.


 1718-516 Airports & Aviation Security Outward Mission to Mexico A4 Flyer....pdf (290 KB)