SoS Fox and HMTC Simon Penney will both be speaking at the Arab British Economic Summit.

 About the event

  • ABES 2019 is organised by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), the strategic sponsor is the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce

ABES 2019 focus is:

    • Session 1: Infrastructure investment and sustainable development
    • Session 2: Renewable vs non-renewable energy
    • Session 3: MENA: A hub for global markets
    • Session 4: Agriculture and water security
    • Session 5: Youth employment and entrepreneurship
    • Session 6: Banking and finance: fintech and blockchain
  • ABES 2019 reflects a shared vision of cooperation to achieve the common goals of prosperity, sustainable development and economic security by unlocking initiative and forging new relationships.  Serving international trade for more than four decades, the Arab British Chamber of Commerce is a trusted voice in international trade working to foster enduring economic relationships and collaboration between the UK and the 22 countries of the Arab World. 
  • This shared vision of successful Arab-British partnership is anchored firmly in the fundamental principle of ‘friendship through trade’, an ethic which has driven forward the work of the Chamber since it was founded. 

For further information:   ABES_2019_Programme.pdf (1 MB)